Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well a lot has happened since the last post so here is a quick update: I got my frenectomy and it SUCKED! They also shaved off some extra pockets of my gums so it was double the pain. Good thing I had my vicodin to make the days a blur. I got my braces off, it has been about 3 weeks and I am a failure at wearing my retainer. I am supposed to wear it 23 hrs a day....I know, TOTALLY UNREASONABLE! I probably wear it about 18 hrs a day. I also got a chance to work with a new project at UOP working strictly with Alumni students. I love it so far! I can't wait to see what happens and how things are going in a month or two from now. Oh, and I was the FIRST on the new team to enroll a alumni. I'M A PIMP! I started my MSP on Tuesday the 9th and so far I can already tell this class will whip my ass and get me back into school shape. I will be done November 1, 2010! My trip to Disneyland is coming up in less then 40 days and I cannot wait to see my good ol pal Mickey again. Now to the GOOD STUFF......Britney is coming back for 20 extra stops in the US before heading to down undah to wrap up her Circus Tour. She is going to Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Sep 26 and 27 and guess what...YEP I AM GOING AGAIN!!! WOOOOOOHHHH VEGAS!!!! I cannot wait. This time, I have a new camera and don't need regular batteries so I will have pictures! BWAHAHAHAHA! And I am SOOOOO getting VIP so I can be within 1 foot of her to admire all the greatness that is Britney Spears. OMG I cannot wait! Plus, this will be my first time going to vegas as an ADULT so I can get in some good old fashioned trouble. Lap dances, drunken dancing, walking down the strip, and seeing Britney here I come!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh Yeah!!!!!

I am also officially DONE with my BSM! My last class ended 4/20. I will be getting my diploma in 4-6 weeks and I walk July 18th, 2009 at the UOP Stadium! I also get my braces off in 3 weeks on May 19th. GOD I CAN'T WAIT! My first meal will be corn on the cob and BBQ ribs with the bone! MMMMM.......But, I also have to have a frenectomy on my upper lip muscle on Monday. AHHHHH!!! I am not looking forward to that all but if that is what it takes for me to show off my $1300 chompers then lets do it. I can finally get my teeth cleaned and get them whitened now :)

IT"S BRITNEY!!!! And now it is over :(

So last Friday was the Britney concert, I can't believe it has been a week already! This was THE BEST concert ever for many reasons. For one, I absolutely LOVE Britney Spears and this was my first Britney concert because she has not been on tour for about 6 years and I was not able to buy tickets to Onyx Hotel. Second, she looked AMAZING! Bitch is tight and back in action yall! She looked phenomenal, wearing very VERY provative costumes, showing off all the hard work she has put in the gym and was dancing her ass off! Third, this concert was a SPECTACLE. I'm talking fire, airial (MS?) artists, midgets, clowns, hot ass shirtless dancers, martial arts, cages, magic, being cut in half, dissapearing and reappearing, confetti like crazy, circus performers, EVERYTHING you could image was there. It was a sensory overload and Britney was the icing on the cake. SO much time, money, and energy went into this and it totally shows and paid off. Unlucky for me my camera decided to stop working right when she hit the stage so I have no pictures of her from the concert but at least I was there. I can always get the professional pictures that are posted on her main website which are better anyway :) I danced my ass off, my legs and feet hurt for a whole day, I had blisters on my feet, I was sweaty, my hair went flat, my makeup ran a little but it was FREAKING AWESOME!!!! PCD was really good too which surprised the hell out of me and they were the best choice to open up her show. I have pics of them which is nice. During the intermission there were circus freaks and perfomers doing crazy stuff. One guy was spinning and throwing a huge chunk of chain link fencing around, then there was a contorshionist, a crazy talented hula hoop performer, a girl who did crazy ass flips on a bendy board......There was so much going on! I am so glad I was able to go and show my love and support for this artist who is my generations Madonna. I teared up because it was just jaw dropping and awe inspiring to see how far she has come from last year and just to see that she truly never left. Don't call this a comeback! She never left! This was one of my ultimate to do's before I die, that and seeing Michael Jackson! Don't let the camera fool you, we were a lot closer then it looks. You could see their faces, their lips moving, EVERYTHING! Me and Janet also got to dress up but not like the original plans and it was so much fun to see others dressed up too! Here are some pictures from the concert. It was worth every penny and thensome and I really hope the rumors of her going on a 2nd US tour later this year is true because you can bet your ass I will be there! I LOVE YOU BRITNEY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Damn, Long Time No See!

So I guess it has been 3 or four months since I have posted anything on my blog. Figured it was long over due. I am in my final class for my BSM program and it ends April 20th. Only a few more weeks and I will be edumacated! Yay! Also, on the 24th is Britney! I can't wait, I have been dying inside with anticipation as gay as that is. Everyone gives me shit because "she lipsynchs" but honestly, I know that and don't care. No one goes ( I really hope this is true or they are going to be dissapointed) to her concerts expecting her to sing live, it is all about the show and the spectacle. I have seen her tour videos on You Tube and I am definetly getting every penny out of this and then some it is THAT GOOD. I have decided, due to the "economy" (or should I say the poor state of my pockets) that I will not be getting my little outfit but instead will go buy a tophat from a costume store, a feather boa, and get a shirt made that says TEAM BRITNEY to wear until I can get inside the stadium and buy a tour shirt. There is also a huge pre-concert bash going on from 4pm until the concert starts that I will take part in because honestly, why not? I have decided to walk for my degree and my graduation ceremony is July 18th at the UOP Stadium. This is an important step for my in my life. I am the first to get a college degree on both sides of my family and I have really worked hard to get to this point as much as I complain about the process or the system. I owe this to myself and I deserve this recognition. I had to shed a little tear in March because I would have been in the Bahama's had everything worked out but there is always next time. I am trying to get a Mexican cruise planned for the beginning of next year to give myself to save and plan for it. Disneyland is still on for my birthday July 25th and I will be visiting my little sister in California which will be nice since I kind of miss her. Janet's kids have come down to live with her which is fun because I love her kids and it is nice to see her getting the chance to be a full blown mommy again instead of a warden for her hormone enraged 16 year old LOL. It is also nice because my brother has someone to play with since she has a 6 year old son. I got a decrease at work....What can do you? It is what it is. With the way the economy is it has been hard to find jobs to apply for. A lot of places have put a hiring freeze on their positions so it is just a wait and see game for now. I plan on sticking with UOP until at least the end of the year so I can use up my current vacation time, get more in September, and start my MSP program. Oh yeah, I decided to go for my master program in psychology. I have really enjoyed those classes out of my bachelor program and figured it could apply to many different departments and positions. I have decided my next car will be an Audi A4 thanks to Katie lol. I went and test drove one and feel in love. I was so afraid of the horse power compared to my SUV that when the guy said to hit the gas I just built up the speed. I want to go test drive it again and really put it to the test! I will have to wait about a year or two before I can trade in my car and get my Audi because my credit took a severe nose dive after my foreclosure and I want time to rebuild my credit somewhat so I don't have a ridiculous interest rate or payment. I can't really remember what else I am forgetting or leaving out but I think this pretty much covers what has been going on in the last few months. I will be posting more on here now because I have a lot going on in the next few months.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So a few things have changed since I last posted to my blog. I am no longer going to go to the Bahamas on the cruise that I dreamed of...After crunching all the numbers it came out to be WAY more then I thought it would be (I was going to spend about $800-1000!!). So I decided to go to Vegas instead for a weekend in March. I have not been to Vegas since I was 17 so I am going to do it right this time. I am going to get drunk, get lap dances, and dance my ass off LOL. Plus, the countdown is on for Britney.....Only three more months!!!!! I can't wait! I have to wear elastics for my braces now but thankfully only at night but that does not mean they hurt any less. FREAKING SUCKS. I also gave up soda cold turkey. I am going on 2 weeks without a drop of soda. The first day was really rocky but it is not bad now. I had my first dream about soda last night which was pretty interesting. I actually felt guilty when I woke up! My sister is moving to California this weekend (me and my mom are driving her up there) to live with her boyfriend so we will be down one person in the home in Maricopa. Just me, my mom, and brother now. AND I am also going to Disneyland this summer for my birthday since I can get in for free and to make up for my lack of tanning in the Bahamas. I can't wait to see Mickey again! That is all for now. Adios!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Looking Forward to 2009

2009 seems to be off to a great start for me and it isn't even here yet! I get my braces off anywhere between Feb and April depending on how my teeth do in the next two visits. I will be going to see Britney in concert in April which is something I have wanted to do for over 5 years now. I will be going to the Bahamas in March and will finally be graduated with my BSM degree in March. Also some of the movies I have been anticipating are coming out next year! I'm talking Nororious, Underworld, Madea Goes to Jail, Watchmen, The Wolfman, Star Trek, Night at the Museum 2, Terminator, Ice Age 3, Wolverine, Transformers 2, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Where the Wild Things Are. Good thing I have my suvenier cup and shirt for cheap soda and popcorn HAHA! All I can say is.....So far so good! I am really looking forward to all of these things and seeing what else 2009 has in store for me. Right now all I can think of is my cruise to the Bahamas and Britney's concern in April. Time to get my official comeback in gear so I can look fabulous, fly, and sexy for them! Operation get-Liz's-ass-in-shape begins now!!! I am terrified I won't be able to fit in a wetsuit and swim with the dolphins. Plus I need to lose some weight to fit into the outfit I plan on wearing to see Britney :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I bought my tickets today for Britney! I am pumped! They were totally worth every penny and I will be so close to the stage!

Seriously, if she wipes her brow of sweat it will hit me in the face. That is how I roll!!! Me and Janet are going to go and we decided we are going to dress up like Britney when we go to the concert. I am going to be Ringmaster Britney (ringmaster hat, ringmaster jacket, black pants, black boots, and a long wavy blonde wig) and Janet will be Toxic Flgith Attendent Britney (blue flight attendent dress, flight attendent hat, little shoulder jacket, blonde wig, blue heels). I can't wait for April to hurry up and get here. Here are pictures of the costumes we are going to get for the concert (Janet's is a darker blue then in the Toxic video so we will have to do something about that). I also posted a picture of the arena and where I will be sitting ha-ha! Enjoy!!!!